Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rebuilding the Web Site

After several years of dormancy, I decided that it was time to revive my Web site. I made several changes to the site.

First off, I decided to remove the logbooks from the site. It was becoming cumbersome to maintain seasonal logbooks; most of them came from the late 1990s and early 2000s. All of the new stations I've heard over the past several years, especially on AM (MW) and FM broadcast, would take up way too much space. That feature is gone.

Second, I've put my links to my audio files on the front page of the site. I started recording my DX on the computer in 2010, and bought an MP3 conversion module for my Magix Music Maker 2005 program last fall. I've been able to convert the previously recorded DX from Wave files (WAV) to MP3 files, in addition to recording new DX on MP3 files, either directly or from cassette recordings. I use a cassette recorder as the primary method of recording DX, as I've done since the early 1990s when I was DXing from northwest Georgia. It's amazing how much DX I've recorded over the past two decades. My DX recordings are stored on Box, which offers 5 GB of space for free.

Third, I've also redone the Club Links to only include clubs I'm a member of. The longest association with one club has been with St. Louis and Suburban Radio Club; I joined Suburban Radio Club in April 1993; they have since joined forces with the St. Louis Repeater club to form St. Louis and Suburban Radio Club. I've been associated with IRCA (International Radio Club of America), an all-AM broadcast band DX club, continuously since 1994, and have served as an editor, publisher and, at present, Editor-in-Chief. While I've been an off-and-on member of WTFDA (Worldwide TV-FM DX Association) since the mid-1980s, I've been a member almost continuously since 1993, with a few breaks. I've also been an off-and-on member of several other clubs throughout my 30-plus years in DXing, and my nearly two decades as an Amateur Radio operator.

Fourth, I've added a statistics page to the site. The statistics posted, however, are not all reconciled with the chronological log I keep on Microsoft Excel. I have been keeping my logs on a computer since 1992, when I returned to the St. Louis area from northwest Georgia. In all of my statistics by state/province, it's usually Illinois that's tops in the number of stations logged, even though I live in Missouri. My location, on the eastern end of the state, favors the Land of Lincoln over the Show-Me State. I keep statistics for AM, FM, TV (analog and digital; I keep separate logs for ATV and DTV) and NOAA Weather Radio. I haven't been too good with keeping stats on shortwave stations since the early 1990s.

Photo galleries have also been updated; I selected a few pictures from my collection for the site; I did keep the pictures of myself on the air at KCFV 89.5 MHz Ferguson, MO from 1995, and hawking raffle tickets at the Halloween Hamfest in 1998, on the site. I also added a few pics of my shack and an outdoor setup to the album. On my TV DX photo page, I included a few photo highlights from the 2000s, including some of my first DX logs on digital TV.

Take a look at my newly renovated Web site today.